We bring hybrid skills to discover new potential
Flight Sense dashboard
Insight Mining
Leapcraft offers insight mining from a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. We have developed tools and processes to extract trends, patterns and correlations from Big Data sets and then cross validate them with ethnographic and human centric observational studies. We design tailor made processes for individual clients with the right mix of tools in our toolbox.
Large data set visualization on digital dashboard
Visual Analytics
Every organisation is overwhelmed with huge amounts of data, making story telling with data the need of the hour. We offer rapid and highly iterative visual narrative techniques supported by software development to build visual dashboards, pattern recognition tools and insight delivery. We can build stand alone solutions or integrate with your existing Business Intelligence solutions.
CPH Sense Air Quality sensor
Sense making with sensors
We build reliable software and hardware solutions for our clients based on specific user needs. Tight integration between hardware and software is key to success of IoT use cases packaged with good design. We bring an agile and fresh design approach to create unforeseen opportunities for your organisation. Our team brings hybrid skills to discover new potential and work with numerous vendors and production facilities worldwide.
LeapSense - Cloud solution for sensors for various smart city and industrial applications.
Internet of Things
Leapcraft delivers many of its services via the flagship platform LeapSense — an IoT staging platform for managing disparate data sources. We offer sensing as a service via a fully managed cloud service for various smart city & industrial applications and also offer a private cloud solution for sensitive applications if needed.
Telemed platform dashboard
Experience design
A great user experience is found in the intersection between usability, accessibility and engaging content. We resolve information architecture, conduct research, guide critical design decisions and also write code to deliver a high performance software experience.
App for Ambinode Leapcraft’s indoor air quality sensor
Digital excellence
A big part of modern digital solutions are software interfaces. We recognise that well designed user interfaces go a long way to enable uptake of new solutions, and this is a central aspect of our delivery. We bring elegance, productivity and usability to your application needs via iOS and Andriod Apps.

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