Cities worldwide are concerned about air quality, noise levels, congestion and its impact on both health and quality of life. CPHSense is a sensing platform to measure ambient quality indicators in a simple and scalable way.

We offer a fully managed IOT cloud service allowing you to monitor, benchmark and analyse a wide range of pollutants, sounds and particles in real time.

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AmbiNode is an automated sensing as a service solution which helps you monitor and manage your indoor ambience. AmbiNode is designed with a variety of use cases in mind including indoor climate, security, work safety, insurance, presence detection and tele health.

Improve your indoor climate and see actionable results!

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Leapcraft delivers much of its services via the flagship platform LeapSense - an internet of things (IoT) staging platform for managing disparate data sources and making sense of sensors.

We offer sensing as a service via a fully managed cloud service for various smart city & industrial applications.

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