Philips shavers

Leapcraft helped Philips develop better products for personal grooming by embedding sensors and collecting data in real world conditions. This enabled Philips to gather deep market intelligence and optimize the product better.

Alm Brand

Leapcraft helped Alm Brand develop a new usage based insurance product as part of their automotive insurance portfolio. We developed a custom device that plugged into the OBD port of the car and supported it via a companion app that enabled better customer engagement.


Leapcraft developed a unique sensor package and data analytics software as a cloud service for Nassau Industrial Doors to enable better energy efficiency and preventive maintenance of their products across Europe.


Sensor technology, cloud computing and novel simulation algorithms have made it possible to build traffic models based on large scale data gathering.

NYK Line

Leapcraft developed an advanced condition monitoring system for fuel consumption optimization and preventive maintenance of large cargo vessels. The system was developed as a mobile first solution to be used by both the crew onboard the ships as well as the ship handlers from the main office.

Flight Sense

Flight Sense is an analytics service which helps optimize corporate travel by gathering deep insights and recognizing patterns. We use modern big data technologies in tandem with outstanding user experience to give you a rich view into your air travel universe.

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