City of Joensuu chooses Leapcraft for deployment of hyperlocal air quality network solution.

A network of smart city sensors with outdoor air quality, building and traffic sensors will be deployed in the coming months for hyperlocal air pollution monitoring in the city of Joensuu in Finland.

By: Priya Mani

04 May 2018

Joensuu is a university town and a growing regional centre in the eastern part of Finland in the Finnish Lakeland. The town has one of the most ambitious climate targets in Europe — to be carbon neutral by 2025. One-third of the population is under 25 years old, and there are more than 20,000 students in the town. The city population approaches 76,000 and the nearby region has 120,000 inhabitants.

Leapcraft will carry forward its rich experiences gathered in deployments done in close collaboration with the city of Copenhagen and other smart city solution providers like CISCO to deploy this unique pervasive environmental sensor solution. Leapcraft brings its experiences in deployments of its low cost outdoor sensors in Denmark, Norway, UK, Greece, Mexico and the USA now to Finland.

Leapcraft’s Deployment

The city center area of Joensuu (market square and adjacent areas) is ideal for the deployment of such a network due to the tight proximity of diverse urbanscapes — key bridges that connect the mainland, parks, pedestrian streets and dense commercial properties. This brings in diverse transportation modes from delivery trucks, buses, cycles thus affecting traffic flow during much of the day. This has a profound implication on air quality. Further, parts of this area have had or are under renovation works. Construction activity in such populous areas also affects the air space. We will also be monitoring the air quality near the train station which is a transport hub to assess the impact of rail traffic (esp. on fine particle levels).

Several CPHSense will be installed in the city center for high quality measurement of NOx, SOx, CO, PM1, PM2.5, PM10 particles, temperature and humidity — pole mounted.

In addition, several Ambinodes will be used for for measuring PM 2.5 particles, VOC and Noise in a mobile form factor. A traffic counting sensor for detecting vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians and many wind speed & direction sensors will be co-deployed to feed in relevant data to run future simulation models.

For the citizens of Joensuu, a citizen app will be made to follow the deployment and see the air quality above the city. For the City itself, a dashboard will be built which will provide deep insights on the city’s pollutant levels and other air quality parameters. Leapcraft will work with Joensuu to extrapolate this data for various city infrastructure based use case scenarios.

CPHSense, Leapcraft’s outdoor air quality monitor can sense various pollutant and noise parameters.

The deployment will roll out beginning August 2018 and the city and citizens can see streaming data by November 2018.

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