Good indoor climate gets attention in a state-of-the-art international school

15 Jun 2018

Recognising the urgent need for real-time knowledge of changing air quality levels in classrooms in their state-of-the-art sustainable buildings, the Copenhagen International school (CIS) deploys several AmbiNode sensors & software platform to help monitor Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ). The work done as an initiative with Kuben Management enables live monitoring of the Active House principles to enable a healthy and sustainable building. The school believes good indoor climate is vital for the well being of both students and teachers having clear impacts on their concentration levels, productivity and well being.

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More data for better air in London

07 May 2018

Leapcraft accentuates London’s air quality data with real time emissions data from mobile sensors

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City of Joensuu chooses Leapcraft for deployment of hyperlocal air quality network solution.

04 May 2018

A network of smart city sensors with outdoor air quality, building and traffic sensors will be deployed in the coming months for hyperlocal air pollution monitoring in the city of Joensuu in Finland.

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Ambient environmental intelligence for greener cities.

25 Apr 2018

Big data and IOT are not remote ideas any more. It gets more real as we measure the air around us telling us that our relationship with it is not transactional anymore.

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When tomorrow’s architecture is striving to stay in the future

23 Apr 2018

Bornholm’s Green Solution House uses hi-tech sensor analytics to see the Active House Principles in action.

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Dynamic Cities and their Pollution Profiles

25 Jan 2018

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The paradox of modern office culture: coffee, climate and concentration

10 Apr 2017

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Is your home making you sick?

29 Mar 2017

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